Predictive dialler

X-Dial uses a predictive dialler for outbound call campaigns, the built in features can increase your productivity considerably. Our Predictive dialling features ensure that agents are on as many live calls as possible dealing with lead generation and not wasting their time on dead calls and answering machines.   X-Dial the Predictive Dialler intelligently predicts when the next agent is available

Predictive dialler key Features.

  • Automatic detection of dead lines and answering machines.
  • Ofcom compliance.
  • Live call drop rate monitoring.
  • Outbound call recording.
  • Live Lead data.
  • Live Campaign & Agent data.
  • TPS screening.
  • Run multiple campaigns at once.
  • Manual Dialling options.
  • Agent skills based rooting.
  Our predictive dialler is programmed so that it will anticipate when agents will become free ensuring that agents don’t have any wasted time with no calls. The dial rate can be set by you and the dialler is intelligent enough to make the right amount of calls to keep feeding your agents with leads whilst also managing the call drop rate ensuring your Ofcom compliance. Offcom compliance is a huge benefit to any call centre especially when running large outbound campaigns. The X-Dial predictive dialler will monitor your drop rate in real time ensuring you can pro actively monitor your campaign ensuring you don’t stray over the allowed dropped rates. Our real time reports and custom wall board can automatically be set to turn red when your are about to go over your drop rate percentage and this is a feature that has received great feed back from our existing clients. At any time the predictive dialling settings can be changed giving you full control over your campaigns productivity. Also whilst the campaign is running up to the minute real time reports are available so you can make instant campaign changes. The predictive dial function can also populate the agent screen with all lead data and can be integrated into your in house systems providing the complete predictive dialling solution for your call centre campaigns. X-Dial will automatically adjust the auto dial level as more agents log in and as agents begin to log out the dialler will slow down the predictive dialling to compensate for less agents. What makes X-Dial’s predictive dialling so effective is the fact that it is automated so as your campaign progresses the dialler will automatically adjust keeping your outbound campaigns running at maximum productivity. Be sure to contact X-Dial if your are considering a predictive dialler.  We have several pricing options available to suit the needs of your call centre and demonstrations are available on request.