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Real Time Reporting

Management can view live call data used to make up to the minute decisions and change campaign settings instantly allowi

Agentless Calls

In today’s call centre too much time is spent serving simple customer enquiries for example ‘did you receive my

SMS Campaigns

The Auto Dialler can be set to manage SMS campaigns, or even send a message when a call is not picked up. X-Dial allows

Geographical CLI’s

X Dial gives you the facility to automate the calling line identifier (CLI)  to the home town of the customer, increasi

Ofcom Compliant Dialler

Our Ofcom Compliant dialler meets all the latest Ofcom regulations allowing you to manage many factors including call dr

Blended Dialling

Blended Dialling can offer the complete call centre solution. The call blending features of the dialler allow outbound a