Debt Collection

XDial gives a complete blended inbound and outbound call centre and predictive dialler solution that can service the high demands of the collection industry. XDial can integrate with your existing collection software and automatically pull out all relevant customer and account data when the call connects. Also our debt collection dialler can even pre qualify the call and obtain your customers details before connecting the call to the agent streamlining the process and increasing productivity.
  • Agent less Calls – set up XDial to gather customer data and provide balance information or take automated payments.
  • Predictive Dialling – Set the dialler to call based on customer balance, last contact or a variety of other criteria.
  • Power Dialling – For high value accounts.
  • Collections software Integration – Can be integrated to work with you current debt collection software.
  • Ofcom Compliance – XDial can be set to manage your campaign to meet Ofcom requirements.
  • Geographical CLI’s – A major feature of XDial is the ability to dynamically change the CLI based on the the customers home town, dramatically increasing call pick up rates.
To find out how XDial can run your debt collection campaign contact us for more information.