Inbound Call Management

X-Dial is a complete call management solution for your call centre.  X-Dial’s inbound call management features can handle inbound and outbound calls simultaneously rooting calls to agents. Individual agents can be put on inbound calls only, outbound calls only or blended calls when the dialler will automatically root the next inbound call to the next agent to become available. Inbound Call Management Features :
  • Inbound, Outbound and Blended call handling.
  • CRM Integration.
  • IVR call handling.
  • Custom call menus.
  • Automatic call back option.
Calls can easily be transferred between different agents and departments with X-Dials built in address book or extensions can be dialled manually by the agent. And X-Dial can be integrated with your in house systems and CRM so when an inbound call connects the customers data can automatically be populated on the agents screen.  

Skills Based Call Routing

This is a big buzz word in call centres around the globe at the minute, and quite rightly too. Skills based routing is when calls can be automatically routed to an agent who is trained to handle that kind of call. With X-Dial the caller can select what kind of enquiry they have, whether it be sales or support and the caller is routed to the agent who has the required skills. Not only does this increase cut down on wasted time for agents transferring calls but it can save hundreds of agents  hours a week in call centres. As well as being productive skills based routing is invaluable when it comes to agent training. When you have new agents that can be placed on simple call groups until they are trained on all of your companies products. Also an agents physical location does not determine what call groups they are in, teams, call groups and usergroups are set up dynamically and can easily be changed.