Hosted Dialler

Hosted Diallers have been ideal for small call centres to get started but are very expensive. X-Dial offer an alternative to hosted diallers, We will install X-Dial on site and you can rent it per month and/or per agent.  Also with hosted diallers call charges are considerably more expensive.  X-Dial offer some of the most competitive call charges in the industry and we don’t charge a connection fee like with our hosted dialler competitors. Your call centre will get its own onsite dialler integrated into your in house systems without the initial upfront costs associated with buying a dialler. What most people don’t realise is the massive increase in productivity that  having a dialler on site can bring, hosted diallers have to dial back to the hosting company during each call that is placed and this can dramatically slow the dialler down. Also the same problem can reduce call quality and increase lost calls. X-Dial Hosted Dialler Rates: Call Connection 0p, Landline Calls 1p, Mobile Calls 3pOur engineers will come to your site and install everything required as well as setting up and connecting any required lines. You will be fully trained on the X-Dial software and taught how to get the most from it with the aim of maximising your call centres productivity. Once everything is set up we will start X-Dial and your call centre will be up and running. We can then remotely access your dialler to make any admin changes and fine tune your campaigns and make any system changes as and when required.

Benefits of X-Dial V’s Hosted Diallers

  • Data is kept secure and not shared with hosting company.
  • Increased speed and productivity.
  • No call connection charges.
  • 24/7 Remote Support.
  • No long contracts.
  • lower latency.
We are in an age when data security has never been so paramount. Hosted Diallers by their nature are hosted off site and and so is all your data. This can be a big problem for compliance issues as well as data safety, with hosted diallers your are basically putting your trust in the dialler hosting company. And its not just a matter of trust, you also need to consider how secure the hosting companies data is kept. In the past the decision between a hosted dialler and an onsite dialler has mainly come down to cost. But now X-Dial have now changed this giving your all the benefits of an onsite dialler for a lower price than even a hosted dialler.   If you already use a hosted dialler or you are thinking of using a hosted dialler solution why not contact us first so we can explain the benefits and savings of  renting  X-Dial.