Detailed Reporting

X-Dial provides the tools you need to effectively track, monitor, and report on call centre management data. X-Dial solutions for call centres contain powerful historical tools for effectively collecting and managing a wide range of relevant call centre management data. Every interaction entering a contact centre leaves a trail of data in its wake. X-Dial reporting tools capture and make sense of this data through reports, matrices and customizable parameters.

Engineered with a unique qualitative approach to contact centre data, these tools enable businesses to run a contact centre with consideration for both efficiency and effectiveness. These tools allow companies to measure performance across all media channels, thus enabling the evaluation of true resource productivity and customer handling. X-Dials reporting tools are delivered with several pre-packaged decision support content views and can be customized to support unique business requirements. The system delivers information to all stakeholders inside or outside of the contact centre through a web interface.

Used with our real-time management tools, X-Dial historical reporting tools enable effective monitoring and control of call centre operations because they are based upon rich, real-time and historical data. X-Dial provides a solid, quantitative foundation for making call centre management decisions and modifications in real-time or over a period of time.

Key XDial Reporting Capabilities

  • Collect and manipulate relevant data in historical reports
  • Run custom reports or use pre-defined report templates
  • Evaluate contact centre performance levels against predetermined benchmarks
  • Unifies access to business data and contact centre performance to assist with the daily operational needs of a contact centre
  • Allows custom report development
  • Provides start-to-finish reporting infrastructure for information on all aspects of the interaction process