Custom Agent Scripting

X-Dial Agent Scripting can be used for…
  • Providing on screen process guidance (removing the need for printed reference material on the desk or on line reference material)
  • Prompting the agent with consistent compliance statements to read back to customers
  • Sales campaign scripts for collecting customer information
  • Structured and guided form filling
  • Fault diagnosis, product support and help
  • Process Flow Scripting
For example, In a collection call centre the compliance statements needed for a customer who is paying is very different from a customer who is bankrupt. X-Dial enables your agents with the correct script and workflow for the situation they are dealing with and so resulting in fewer call escalations and increased First Call Resolution. For heavily regulated industries, X-Dial ensures your agents are performing within the required parameters, delivering full auditing and compliance monitoring. You need the Agent Scripting Tool if:
  • Agents need to be skilled in guiding customers to the correct answer, where the right answer may be complex, but needs to be articulated clearly and simply.
  • Agents are not adhering to a consistent process
  • You have complex compliance requirements in your industry
  • You need to frequently change your business rules in your customer interactions
  • You are running an improvement program such as Six Sigma to help re define process but are struggling to get your front line advisor’s to adhere to the new processes.
  • You want to monitor and run reports on what is happening during the call
  • You struggle with lengthy agent training time
  • You need a level of ownership over the design of call processes that is not completely reliant on IT.
  • You want to improve First Call Resolution (FCR).