Auto Dialler

X-Dial Auto Dialler is a fully featured predictive dialler.  X-Dial can replace or integrate into most in house systems and CRM’s. Being highly customisable X-Dial can be used for inbound, outbound and blended call flows. Our state of the art technology offers unlimited scalability for small to large call centres. X-Dial Auto Dialler can handle Inbound and Outbound Calls as stated below:

Outbound Auto Dialler  :

Leads can be fed into the auto Outbound Dialler in a variety of formats. And can be uploaded by your own administration team or we can provide this service for you. Once your campaigns are set up you can completely tailor all aspects of the auto dialling facility. Our real time reporting software also gives management up to the minute live data on all agents and calls in the system. This allows you to make changes in real time.

Inbound Dialler  :

X-Dial also comes with a highly customisable inbound call rooting platform allowing agents to be placed on an inbound call flow. This can further be enhanced with our dialler’s integrated IVR system allowing callers to select predetermined options when they call to be passed through to the relevant agents or teams. Further customisation can also enable automated agent less calls allowing customers to call for automated balances etc.

Blended Dialling :

The Blended feature of our auto dialler  is what really sets X-Dial ahead of our competition.  Blended Dialling means you can have one call centre where the agents are servicing both inbound and outbound calls at the same time. This can increase the over all productivity of your call centre by allowing your skilled agents to multi task. This is called skills based call routing and is currently a big buzz word in call centres across the globe, our current clients have given us excellent feedback on this feature. Automated call handling dialler from X-Dial     Our customers notice a significant increase in X-Dial once they tried it. With most reporting productivity increase of around 350%. Our Auto Diallers predictive dialler features will  predict when agents will become available and ensure that a call is waiting for them when they finish the previous call. This reduces agent dead time ensuring agents wait times are kept to a minimal. X-Dial can even disposition the calls when it detects dead numbers and answer machines. When a dead line is detected our auto dialler can even remove the phone number from your campaign ensuring no more time is wasted on that lead.