Agentless Calls

In today’s call centre too much time is spent serving simple customer enquiries for example ‘did you receive my application form’,or ‘did my payment clear’. Agent less calls can help reduce the agents time spent. X-Dial will integrate to your existing data management solution and at predetermined times within the process with the customer it will deliver updates of information either by voice message or text. Agent less calls can keep the customers up to date with relevant information and so leaving the call centre agents free to deal with more complex customer issues. When working in the collections market place X-Dial realise that if you do the simple things by way of automation it leaves agents to deal with more difficult and complex debt issue’s. Agent less calls can be used for simple payment reminder campaigns can improve prompt payment the improvement does vary but even a 1% improvement in prompt payment can result in positive revenue after taking the cost of X-Dial. On Inbound calls the dialler can play a message requesting the caller to enter specific details such as their account details or the dialler can check the database for the callers number and populate the agents screen so that calls connect to the agent with all the relevant call caller data. This can save your company a vast amount of agent time and increase your call centres productivity reducing the time agents spend simply getting the customer data from the database.